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Bankrupt Motorsports was founded in September of 2015. It all started long ago when Jordon was in a Fundamentals of Engineering class at Pellissippi State. Behind him sat Adam Wonder, who he soon found out was an up and coming drifter from Middle Tennessee. It didn’t take long before Jordon and Adam spent their days talking and dreaming about car builds, races, etc. Adam introduced Jordon to drifting and Jordon introduced Adam to rally!

Fast forward a few weeks and both Adam and Jordon were attending class during the day, working at night, and racing on the weekends. Soon it was decided to start a Motorsports club for those dedicated to going broke, to go fast….

First RallyX race of the 2016 season was at Huntsville RallyX in Alabama. Jordon headed out Saturday night to stay the night in AL in preparation for the race. Sunday, he would meet the talented driver/shade-tree mechanic- Blake Woody.

Blake was an immediate addition to Bankrupt Motorsports and from that day forward progress with the rally division of Bankrupt accelerated quickly. From there Blake introduced Jordon to Rob and Mohammad, who were also almost immediately added to the growing Bankrupt Motorsports club.

Fast-Forward to January 2018- Rob and Moh are in Michigan prepping the rally focus for the first Stage Rally of the year. Sandblast Rally 2018. Meanwhile in Tennessee, Jordon and Blake have just acquired a 1994 Subaru Impreza GC sedan that would make a great stage car. But sandblast was 60 days out… So they had plenty of time.

Many sleepless nights and working around the clock, both divisions were at Cheraw, SC the first week of March and ready to rally. From this point forward the rally division of Bankrupt Motorsports is in full swing, working to acquire sponsorships, and driver mods along the way.

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